SETI’s Doomsday 2012 Fact Sheet: Is it ALL a Hoax?

David Morrison, Director of the Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe and NASA Senior Scientist has published a Doomsday 2012 Fact Sheet. Its goal is to calm “…widespread and unnecessary fear of doomsday on December 21, 2012.” The Fact Sheet debunks many common and ‘popular’ … Continue reading

End of the World News: ‘Apocalypse Not’ Accurate at Wired Science

If you found our recent post and review of Justin Deering’s book The End-of-the-World Delusion interesting, check out this article published in Wired Science: “Apocalypse Not: Why You Shouldn’t Worry About End Times.” Matt Ridley does a thorough job de-bunking many of the most popular 2012 end of the world theories, … Continue reading

The End-of-the-World Delusion: Trading Hype for Critical Thought

The purpose of is to provide information related to the end of the world, in the hope that readers will use it to form their own opinions. Justin Deering’s book The End-of-the-World Delusion presents a similar opportunity with regards to end-of-the-world doomsayers, presenting the facts about how they function, … Continue reading

The End of the World Delusion: How Doomsayers Endanger Society

End of the World Delusion

End of the World News has yet to post a perspective that’s completely at odds with the notion of the world’s end coming soon. We’re sharing this PR to give you an opportunity to explore the possibility – it could well all be hype. The end of the world is … Continue reading

End of the World 2012: Survivor Mindset

Angelo Bronzino - Allegorie des Triumphes der Venus, Detail

Are you mentally prepared to face the end of the world? Is it possible to do so? The topic of survival goes hand-in-hand with any discussion of end of the world scenarios. It’s the “end” to the “means.” Whether it’s economic collapse, meteor impact, super bug or alien invasion, the … Continue reading

Preparing to Survive the Apocalypse Isn’t Crazy Anymore

Post apocalyptic survival used to be confined to imaginary works of fiction in books and movies. The reality is, it becomes more and more apparent that the world we all know and love is teetering by a string and the politicians around the world lack the fortitude to conquer the … Continue reading