End of the World 2012 – Three Possible Natural Causes

December 21, 2012 end of the world predictions are diverse. Some theories are based on natural causes for the earth’s destruction, others focus on religious Armageddon, while still others believe the world will end by man-made disaster.


As an introduction to end of the world theories you’re likely to encounter in the news today, here’s a brief overview of 3 of the top natural end of the earth destruction scenarios.

1. Pole shift.

This possible end of the world scenario relates to the magnetic field that encircles and protects the earth from the sun’s radiation. Throughout earth’s history, the magnetic poles we know as “north” and “south” have swapped places about every 750,000 years or so. Presently, we’re somewhere around 30,000 years overdue for the latest shift. Some experts see signs a geomagnetic reversal is presently underway.

What happens when the magnetic field is disrupted during a pole shift? The earth may be flooded with deadly UV radiation for many years.

2. Supervolcano eruption.

Nearly everyone associates Yellowstone State Park with thermal springs and geysers, but do you know why they exist? Yellowstone actually sits atop the world’s largest volcano. The Yellowstone volcano historically erupts about every 650,000 years, and as with geomagnetic reversal, earth is long overdue for an explosion. Pressure under Yellowstone is building, but scientists disagree about when it will explode.

What would happen if this supervolcano erupted? It’s predicted that half of the US would be wiped out and the global climate would experience major variations for years to come.

3. Solar flares

According to experts, our sun should be in a period of stability in its natural cycle. Yet, solar storms are occurring. They bombard the earth with enough radiation energy to knock out power grids and destroy satellites. NASA acknowledges the potential threat of solar storms.

What kind of damage could solar storms really cause? Consider what might happen during a power blackout that lasts several months…

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If you’re an expert in any of these end of the world possibilities, please contact us. We’d love to feature your knowledge and opinion in a guest post at EndofWorldNews.com.


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