Industrial hose has many applications across various industries. Its main function is to transfer fluids (water, gas, chemicals) from a source to various machines and other application. An industrial hose assembly consists of a hose, fittings, and a way to fix the fittings to the hose. Both the hose and fittings are basically chosen for chemical compatibility followed by easy and secure connection, flexibility and cost. Industrial hose assemblies are made up of different types of materials based on their applications. Fittings are either inserted into the hose or welded in case of metal hose. Materials for industrial hose include rubber, metal, plastic, composite, etc.

Food and Beverage: Rise in the demand for food and beverage industries and increasing automation requirements are generating the growing use of industrial hose assemblies. In food industry, the industrial hose and its associated fittings are sure to come in contact with food products as well as semi-finished food products. Hence, the material must not contain any substance that can get absorbed into food, endanger human health, and damage taste and quality of the food products. Inner layer of the hose is made of high pure quality rubber or plastic material and the selection of industrial hose assembly or fittings is equally important to be hygienic. They are used in applications involving liquids, fatty and oily foods, potable water and sanitary products.

Oil and Gas: Industrial hose assemblies have wide application in both hydraulic and pneumatic industries. They are designed to handle oil and refined fuels like diesel, biodiesel, gasoline, ethanol, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and even hot tar or asphalt. For such application, the hose as well as the fittings need to be compatible with biodiesel and the material types include special combination of Teflon, nylon, nitrile, and Viton. These materials are able to handle high pressure and withstand wear several times. Materials for fittings and other industrial hose assemblies also need to be considered. Aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel are highly recommended as they do not have negative impact on the properties of the transferring fuel.

Automotive: All types of vehicles require hydraulic systems to operate their movements. Industrial hose assemblies for automotive industry are resistant to oil, gasoline, and chemicals. They are very flexible, and also resistant to crush and abrasion. Furthermore, industrial hose assemblies are used for material handling, chemicals, air, and various other purposes.

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