ELISA test performed in 3D-printed pipette tips simplifies process, reduces cost

Scientists have taken a common, yet laborious lab test and redesigned it to be performed in small 3D printed pipette tips used to measure and transfer fluids in the laboratory. An ELISA is an Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay. It has been used for decades to test blood and other biological fluids for numerous substances and diseases, including various cancers, pathogens such as HIV and other infectious agents, and to measure levels of biological substances such as proteins. The standard test is performed in laboratory plates with 96 small wells on each plate. After the fluid, such as blood, has been put into the test wells, there is a long process of adding several antibodies to the samples that bind to the pathogen or protein being tested, and rinsing away those that don’t bind. Additional reagents such as blocking buffers and detection chemicals are added, with rinsing required between each step. The final result is a visible color change to indicate if the pathogen or other agent is present and at what levels. Although ELISA is reliable, the tests are labor intensive, and the antibodies and color indicators used can be expensive. In addition, sophisticated devices are u...

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