The Canadian relay is a part of a global movement called Women Riders World Relay (WRWR), the largest motorcycle relay in the world, according to their website.

The initiative started in the United Kingdom and aims to bring awareness on the impact that women have on the motorsports industry by being the “global eyeopeners.”

“Women are 20 per cent of the motorsports industry right now. We want to bring that clarity to the public,” said Wendy Funk, Saskatchewan road captain.

They hope to debunk the stereotype that there isn’t a market for women in motorsports while creating a sisterhood of inspired women along the way.

The WRWR works through a collaborate effort between teams in different countries across the world. Right now there are over 10,000 members in 80 countries.

One woman racing in the Canadian leg is an Australian biker that has been a part of the journey from her home country, to Europe and now to North America.

“I went to see my bank and mortgaged my home. I told my boss that I would see him in a years time. I flew to Scotland and started riding,” Tindalledeling said.

“We’re doing the Canadian relay. The baton has to get across Canada in 11 days. So far it’s gone through 50 countries, around 50,000 miles,” Funk said.

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The lady bikers have 11 days to get from Vancouver to New Brunswick. They then pass their GPS tracked baton to the United States where it will make its way down to South America.

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